It all starts at 8:00 o'clock at the Olympic stadium in Berlin. Your tour towards Munich will take you past the Leipzig Monument to the Battle of Nations, through Grunewald, Germany's largest city forest and up the hill into the historic castle of Stefling.

Be part of the BMB community: either for the whole route (1500 km) or as a One-Way trip from Berlin to Munich.

We as the BMB-Crew are going to take care of everything else! You will enjoy a pre-tested track, organic and vegan food, a bag drop and a lot more! You can expect a colorful group of bike-crazy participants as well as a highly motivated team of organizers. :)

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The 1,500 km route is being planned in great detail. The route is topographically diverse and includes numerous altimeters. On your One-Way trip from Berlin to Munich you will be challenged by about 5,500 altimeters and riding the round trip you will master around 12,000 altimeters in total.

During your journey you will get to enjoy Germany’s countryside as well as vibrant cities awaiting your arrival. 

A few weeks prior to the start we will provide you with the individual tracks of the route as well as with the detailed maps. Until that day our hard-working test driver Ben will be riding the entire tour to make sure that you can look forward to a maximum of comfort on the road! :)

Our control stations are equipped with sweet and savory snacks, drinks and electrolytes. On the way you can arrange the catering according to your own needs and requirements. Besides a bag-drop we also offer you showers and sleeping facilities on the way to Munich and on the return trip too.

We start on 29.07.2021 at 8:00 am at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

On July 29th 2021 the event starts at 8:00am at the Olympic stadium in Berlin. After a maximum of 128 hours, on August 3rd 2021 at 4pm in Berlin, the race will be closed. For the One-Way route Berlin-Munich we’ve set 64h as the upper time limit for you to reach the finish line.


The participation fee for the total distance (Berlin-Munich-Berlin) is 250,-- Euro. 

For the One-Way route (Berlin-Munich) it's 200,-- Euro.


The following services are covered by your participation fee:

  • Curated track (as GPX track and at komoot)

  • Welcome-Bag

  • Dinner the day before the start 

  • Bag-Drop and showers 

  • Free shipping from the Bag-Drop to your home (within Europe)

  • Finisher-Medal

  • Vegan-organic snacks and drinks


After your registration you will receive an email with the payment details. 

You can expect more detailed information about the track, the venue, checkpoints etc. a few weeks prior to the start of the event. 

For each track the maximum number of registries are 75 riders.

If you have any questions regarding the registration or the program in general please do not hesitate to write us at

Terms and  Conditions 

 Driving has to be in accordance with the traffic regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The participant has to carry appropriate, especially roadworthy, equipment for a bikepacking tour. The participant is responsible for the technical safety of his equipment (i.e. especially bicycle and clothing) and is obliged to wear an undamaged helmet during the entire event.

By submitting his registration, the participant declares that there are no health concerns there are no health considerations preventing his participation and that he is in a sufficient state of training.


The following items have to be carried along ready for use at all times:

- Properly functioning bike lighting (with spare batteries) 

- Emergency equipment or first aid kit

- GPS device / map data of the given route 

- Mobile phone with saved emergency contacts

- Money, identity card and medical card

As organizers we are putting a great emphasis on supportive behaviour. BNB is not a race against one another - we are riding together!


Technical Details

There is no broom wagon, in case of a early dropout due to technical, weather or health reasons. The way back home has to be organised independently.  


Photos and Recordings 

By taking part in the event, the participant agrees that the photos, film recordings and other sound or image recordings made during the event may be published and also used for advertising purposes as well as for future events by the organizer. This does not result in any claim for remuneration.

The participant confirms the correctness of all data provided by him/her. The participant also agrees that the data provided in the registration may be stored electronically and that his name will be displayed on a public list of participants.

The registration will be confirmed after the receipt of payment, after which a starting slot is booked and reserved. There will be no refund in case of cancellation.


With my registration I acknowledge the organizational form typical for Brevets.

I am aware of the fact that the minimum age for participation is 18 years and that participation is at my own risk and peril. I know that I am on a private drive and that I must comply with the STVO (German traffic regulations). 

I will not make any claims against the organizer if I suffer any damage or injury as a result of my participation. There is no liability for lost items.

Ben Urbanke

Ben Urbanke

Ben ist langjähriger Brevetfahrer. Sein Playground sind Strecken wie LEL oder Paris Brest Paris. Die Idee zu BMB kam ihm 2017, als er spontan von Berlin nach München mit Rad statt mit dem Zug fuhr.

Lea Langrock

Lea Langrock

Lea ist bei Berlin-Munich-Berlin zuständig für Design, Koordination und multifunktional als Mädchen für Alles unterwegs. 

Tobias Schmidt

Tobias Schmidt

Tobias ist mit Begeisterung auf Rennrad und Gravel Bike unterwegs und Experte in Sachen Online Marketing und Optimierung. In seiner Freizeit bespielt er seinen YouTube Kanal “Pedalfieber” und unterstützt BMB als Videograf.

Thorsten Stening

Thorsten Stening

Passionierter Langstreckler, hat mit Burning Roads bereits ein legendäres, erfolgreiches Langstreckenevent etabliert.  

Friends and Supporters

Questions and answers

1. Are there any reports from 2020s riders?

There are indeed! :) This is our first (all German) reading recommendation:

This is Toni's report on the blog of the "Eisenschweinkader Berlin"


2. Do you also offer Munich-Berlin as a One-Way option?

No, as of now One-Way means Berlin-Munich only. In the following years we might consider this option.

3. When are you publishing the map material?

You can find our routes a few weeks prior to the event in the “collection” of our BMB komoot account.

You can also follow our account at komoot which allows you to automatically receive updates on the route. 

4. What is the trail going to be like?

The whole route is planned in such a way that it runs mainly along roads with little traffic and cycle paths, so that you as a driver have as little contact with cars as possible. 

Our test driver Ben has tested the whole track in advance to make sure it’s suitable for you. Even though we are trying to maximize the paved tracks you will come across some short roads with cobblestones (most of the time in old German villages). But no worries because the majority of the track is asphalted. :)

In order to enjoy thee route with the most comfort we recommend using tires with a 25-28 mm tread. 

6. Im I allowed to use lay-on tires (arm-support)?

Of course you can! Your health and well being is the first priority and if they will support you on the road you should definitely bring them. 


7. How does the Bag-Drop work?

The evening before the start you will receive a Welcome-Bag (38 x 46 cm), which you can fill with the most important things you’ll need on the road. Please mind the max. weight of 4 kg.

During the preliminary briefing, as well right before the start, you can hand us your bag, so we can take it to Waldershof (control no.2/ no.6) for you. In Waldershof you can access the bag, take things out and/or exchange them. The One-Way riders can take home their bag-drop from Munich directly. For the riders who are riding the whole track we will be taking the bags back to Berlin again.


8. Can you recommend a place to stay in Berlin?

Of course we can! :) All participants who are still looking for a cosy room for the night before the start, or the final day of the finisher’s ceremony (03.08, starting at 16:00) can save 10% at our partners single-rooms in the Amstel House Berlin, by using the discount code "BMB2021".

The preliminary meeting on 28.07 will also take place in the Amstel House. We will let you know the exact time in advance. :)


9. When are the preliminary meeting and the finisher’s ceremony are taking place?

The preliminary discussion will take place on 28.07., at 17:00 o'clock in the Amstel House Berlin

The medals will be awarded on 03.08., starting at 16:00, in the Amstel House Berlin, too.


10. How do you deal with possible distance regulations?

In case Covid-19 will still be the dominant constraint in July 2021 we will make sure that all distance and hygiene-regulations will be met. 


11. I am not able to take part in the finisher’s ceremony in Berlin/ I will drive One-Way. How do I get my stuff from the bag drop and the fancy medal?

All participants riding One-Way, will be able to pick up their bags in Munich. Also the medal will be handed over to you on the stop in Munich.

For all the riders who won’t attend the finisher’s ceremony in Berlin, are enjoying our shipping service. :) We will send you both the bag you dropped off at the bag-drop as well as your medal. (Germany-wide shipping is covered).


12. Is there a possibility to cancel my registration?

Unfortunately we cannot accept cancellations. After your registration, we are expecting your participation, thus we are placing our orders and expenses accordingly. Of course you can give or sell your ticket all by yourself. In this case we would like to ask you to send us the contact details of the new participant right after. :)


You have a question that has not been answered yet? Drop us a line at